Dual Path

Sace developed his own software for dual path systems. In order to meet customer needs, the solution is 100% customizable in terms of input to use, alarms, flows and logic.

Sace’s solution consists tipically of:

  • Joystick (in alternative wheel and/or pedal)
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • RPM sensors
  • Inching pedal
  • 2 hydraulic pumps and 2 hydraulic motors

Danfoss control unit MC050 controls the entire system and in details the following functions:

  • Profiles: joystick paths can be defined on different profiles to meet customer needs
  • Cruise control: the joystick can be set to activate this function. The operator can switch on the cruise control mode with a button and can decide the speed to set with 2 buttons.

Cruise control mode can be switched off manually or automatically based on customer preferences.

  • Engine controlled via can Bus (J1939 protocol)
  • Driving mode: 4 guide mode can be defined and each one imposes different system parameters. It’s also possible to set how to switch from on mode to another one, based on customer specifications.
  • Temperature alarms: real time monitoring on oil and water temperature, with immediate alarms and pre-alarms. When the alarm is activated the system imposes a limitation on the engine rpm or on joystick command, in order to prevent dangerous uses, like cold start or work mode function with water temperature beyond the alarm range.
  • Dual Path: 3 steer working modes:
    • Contrarotation on both axis
    • Contrarotation on one axis
    • No contrarotation
  • Antistall: the solution is able to read the real rpm (EEC1) and the rpm requested by the system in order to leverage pumps and motors power and avoid antistall conditions.

Thanks to this SACE solution, all machine parameters are monitored real time and the customer can control the system and change its settings using a PC and a DANFOSS cable CG150.