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Sace Srl

Via Cartiera, 154 -40037
Borgonuovo di Sasso Marconi (BO)
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Technology, Knowlegde and Experience intended for our customers

SACE is a Danfoss Appointed Sales and Service Partner since 1995 and is part of the Flodraulic Group since 2017. We are on a daily mission to set the golden standard as an hydraulic/electronic system integrator for mobile applications.
At Sace we made, to become increasingly specialized in the integration of electronics within hydraulic systems, our mission.

Our competitive advantage lingers in the sweet spot between these three pillars:
• Advanced engineering design and technical skills ––> DESIGN
• Wide assortment of best-in-class components and products, conveniently available on
our webshop ––> PRODUCTS
• A specialized team dedicated specifically to electronic integration projects within hydraulic systems, including client-specific machine software development. ––> ELECTRONIC SKILLS

What does it mean for you ?


Our technical team brings to you the most optimized and reliable solution to your need. This translates in the more valuable choice, without foggy trade-offs between cost and performance.

  • How do we make it happen? Thanks to a talented team with fieldspecific and complimentary skills, a ridiculous attention to detail and careful selection of bestin-class components.


A wide array of products and components from top-brands also available on our e-commerce means you’re always a click away from what you need. It also means that the solutions we provide you have been screened and we only bring you quality you can trust.

  • How do we make it happen? First, we train our people well. Our team has grown into the habit of meticulous research and testing before committing to a brand. This means they know their stuff and can always help you choose what’s best for your needs. Secondly, we expanded our product range to provide even more complete solutions, and have recently established partnerships with Dromos, Black Bruin and Rotary Power.

Electronic Skills

Having a dedicated electronics integration team means there’s no integration challenge you can bring us that we can’t tackle. It means that right now, as your mind is rumbling around that issue you’re having and can’t seem to sort out, we find the answer.

  • How do we make it happen? We use the Danfoss Plus+1® as the standard electronic components for solution development, which is a guarantee of top-notch reliability and quality, but we don’t stop there. Our electronic integration team works in sync with designers and clients to develop machine-specific software based on the needs and features required for a given project.