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Sace Srl

Via Cartiera, 154 -40037
Borgonuovo di Sasso Marconi (BO)
P.iva 01698441209 REA BO-364057
Cap. soc. 100.000,00€

Tel: +39 051 6781120
Fax: +39 051 6781150

FLODRAULIC GROUP goal is to develop a global system integrator with the style and the purpose of North American companies that can successfully compete in the European market.






Each company has his own excellence:

– OLEOBI is player for the design of hydraulic power units in the industrial sector

– SACE engineers integrated hydraulic and electronic solutions in the mobile market

– PK realizes rigid and flexible piping for industrial & mobile applications.

– FLODRAULIC GmbH highly specialized on radio remote controls and electronic applications


Our mission is to offer optimized systems and dedicated assistance to the different market segments,
providing solutions with the best combination of hydraulics, electronics and telematics.
How are we going to do that? Counting on very passionate people that are always looking for the best
integration of systems.


Safety: a safe, comfortable and inclusive work environment

Quality: processes aimed at reducing mistakes and increasing efficiency

Competitiveness: continuous improvements of technical and design skills to guarantee the best service

Development: organic growth and penetration into new markets


The Management

  • drives people in the pursuit of the company goals, ensures the satisfaction of the EU requirements and the compliance with legal aspects (including, but not limited to, the EU Directives: 2006/46 / CE, 2014/34 / EU and 2014 / 68 / UE)
  • works to prevent harmful events for workers and the environment, and actively promotes the continuous improvement of the quality and safety management system.


People as the heart and the engine of growth.

Constant development of technical expertise in order to meet and, where possible, anticipate customer needs.

Ability to create and consolidate relationships with customers and partners.


Our good reputation, customer respect and trust must be earned every day through ethical and professional behavior.

The Group intends to achieve financial results that allow the growth of the Group, in a safe, inclusive and fair work and social environment.

The Code of Ethics provides the guidelines to operate in respect of values ​​and policies that the Group strongly protect and support and will help employees to not forget the character, the essence and the integrity as the principles on which Flodraulic Group is going to build its future.