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General Warranty Conditiond


All the Products delivered by SACE shall be governed by Art. 9 “Warranty” of our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE. All the Products sold but not manufactured by SACE shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the Product Manufacturers. Accordingly, we recommend that you read such Terms and Conditions carefully if specific information is needed.
The time required for examining/repairing the Products under warranty may vary according to the type of Product and the Manufacturer and may range from 1 month (minimum) to 6 months (maximum time), subject to unexpected events.
If the Purchaser needs to promptly receive a replacement product and cannot wait as long as required to process the warranty case, the Purchaser will have to buy a new product. However, SACE shall do the best to anticipate the re-delivery terms for the goods in question.
The freight costs from the Purchaser's address to SACE shall be borne by the Purchaser (the goods shall be therefore sent carriage free).
The shipment costs from SACE to the Purchaser's address shall be borne by the Purchaser (the goods shall be therefore sent back carriage forward).
The shipment costs from SACE to the Manufacturer and vice-versa shall be charged to the customer.
If the warranty claim is accepted, the goods shall be repaired or replaced and will be sent back to the Purchaser free of charge, except for the freight costs.
If the defect found is attributable to the Purchaser, the warranty claim will not be accepted: if appropriate, SACE will submit a price estimate for repairing the Product and the Purchaser may decide whether to accept such estimate or have the Product sent back “as it is”, bearing the related expenses, or have the Product scrapped, always bearing the expenses incurred.
To be entitled to the Warranty, the Purchaser shall observe the following

- before sending the product deemed defective, the Purchaser shall send the “Warranty Claim form” (download) duly filled in to the e-mail address: warranty@sace-srl.com or by fax to number +39 051 6781150, attaching the photos of the Product and the Identification Plate to the completed form;

- write the case file number on the warranty claim form. This number will be provided by SACE via e-mail after performing the checks required and will be used to authorise sending the Product to the company headquarters;

- enclose a copy of the warranty claim form with the package containing the Product deemed defective, writing "repair under warranty" as reason for product return on the transport document.

NOTE: any Products returned as "repairs under warranty" which have not been assigned a case file number, and which have not therefore been approved by SACE for shipment, shall be returned to the sender carriage forward. SACE shall keep the Purchaser informed on the analysis/repair progress of the product sent and, on the actions, taken.