Automatic Levelling

Sace develops automatic levelling solutions for many applications, frorm mono-axis systems to multi-axis systems SIL2 compliant.

SACE is able to customize the solution hardware & software wise. Usually, a standard package contains:

  • Danfoss SC50 or MC050 microcontroller (based on requested PL)
  • Inclinometer (Can bus or analogue)
  • PVG for level settings
  • Joystick for manual levelling (if needed)
  • Display for system monitoring

The solution logic starts with the angle measurement thanks to the inclinometer. The value will be compared with the requested setpoint and if it’s beyond the limit set, the software launches automatically the levelling phase, driving the appropriate function (tipically a PVG proportional section) until the value reaches the standard again.

Based on applications, special alarm or pre-alarm can be set, including commands that stop the vehicle.

On the display it’s possible to:

  • Visualize the angle measures
  • Set up working mode
  • Visualize the system status through widgets
  • Visualize control lights linked to specific working conditions
  • Change the setting of some parameters
  • Regulate the sensors.