Telematics allows the continuous monitoring of all the machines, displaying on the web portal the state of the machines real time, alarm messages sent by email or SMS in case of breakdown or when an operator needs to intervene.


  • It’s a monitoring tool also for machine performance and reliability thanks to its filing and analysis system;
  •  Improves punctuality on “service”, providing spare parts and performance analysis in order to optimize costs.

Communication can be through WI-FI, Bluetooth, mobile services and satellite modem, so wherever machines are you can be sure about their control. The alarm system inform also in case the machine moved to another location or had a collision.

It’s compatible with many geo-tracking & geo-fencing global satellite navigation systems, and it’s able to store data for long period.


  • Easy to install
  • Developed both for temporary and permanent purpose
  • Complete fleet management through the web and remote diagnostic
  • Remote connectivity kit includes antenna and cable
  • Global antenna (GPS, Glonass e BeiDou) to ensure real time positioning
  • Local communication: Wireless WIFI e Bluetooth
  • Mobile communication: GSM-UMTS o satellitare.