HMI Customized

SACE develops personalized human machine interface, connecting keyboards and joysticks to displays and creating modern and intuitive graphics.


Sace displays represent the optimal solution that allow the operator to monitor data and machine parameters, visualizing them in a simple and clear way.
The software is able to read in real time different types of data and/or machine parameters, from the engine CAN bus messages (Temperatures, Pressures, rpm, etc …) to the data coming from dedicated sensors.
Furthermore, the display allows the operator to detect any error on the machine thanks to a standard or custom encoding and, where possible, using the LEDs (if available) of the Display.
As for the graphics and data to be displayed, SACE is able to provide a standard package or a complete customization on the whole range of displays (lights and custom icons, logos, backgrounds, etc …).


SACE is able to provide a wide range of fully customizable joysticks, suitable for all uses, with a strong chemical protection, resistant to impact, vibrations and EM interference.
The operator will have a feeling of total control of the vehicle without having to give up comfort. There are several single and double axis configurations in order to manage vehicle steering and moving independently or combined.
Just select the joystick base suitable for your application and we’ll customize it according to your needs (hall effect and potentiometric technologies are available).
Then, combine the base with one of our handles. Or let us help you develop a personalized grip if your needs are unique


The keyboards supplied by SACE are the only ones currently on the market that feature buttons with removable inserts. They are available in two series with two different insert sizes. The PKP-SI series has small inserts (15 mm) and a compact design, while the PKP-LI series is designed with large 24 mm easy-to-press inserts, even when wearing gloves. The use of open protocols makes the keyboards perfect for the automotive and nautical markets.
Designed for the most extreme working conditions (IP67 protection), they are water, mud, sand, oil and chemicals resistant.
Last but not least, they offer an excellent comfort and are equipped with individually backlit icons with customizable colors to better use them in dark environments. Specific colors can also be set for specific functions.