Black Box

The black box is a SACE software that monitor big quantity of data and parameters of the machine and file them on the micro controller internal storage.

The heart of monitoring are the dedicated sensors that provide real time very accurate and reliable data on all the parameters that need to be monitored.

The system manages 2 modes: Normal Mode and Emergency Mode.

The Normal Mode allows the system to record all the data at regular interval in order to guarantee a constant monitoring of the entire system. If the sensors fault (configuration errors, timeout, etc) or any alarm inside the micro controller steps in, the system works on Emergency mode, increasing the record frequency for a specific period. The Normal mode condition will be restored as soon as the system doesn’t register errors anymore.

Basic personalization are:

  • Record frequency on Normal mode and Emergency mode
  • Record duration on Emergency mode
  • Events issued from the Emergency mode

Specific personalization are:

  • Different record times based on the detected error
  • Pre-alarm conditions

It’s always possible to re-work the report issued by the system with a spreadsheet. This allows to file information, develop strategies to avoid recurring faults and be aware of the system working condition.

Thanks to the integration with telematic solutions, data can be stored on cloud and be available anytime & anywhere on the web, without any physical connection to the vehicle.


  • Display DP250, DP700.
  • Pressure Sonsors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • WS Telematics