Automatic Drive

SACe’s software is fully customizable and can be used on different vehicles, from simple LGV to challenging vehicles for pipeline applications.

The system reads the Propel and Steer signals set by the operator and provides the same signals elaborated following a determined logic. In this way, thanks to specific sensors, the system is able to catch the real position of the vehicle inside the working environment and correct it if it’s not in line with functional specifications.

The display can be a useful help for the operator because allows him to monitor and map the working area in real time, facilitating the manual drive inside a critical area.

The automatic driving system is equipped with a sophisticated algorithm for failure and critical areas detection and allows to manage independently 2 kind of issues:

  1. System errors and alarms:
  • Invalid input data (for example, redundant sensors)
  • Sensor connection errors (Timeout, Out Of Range)
  • Temperature alarms
  • Pressure alarms
  • Custom alarms
  1. Area issue: the system is not able to define the working area (corrupted area)

Each issue can have different corrective actions, from the vehicle speed reduction until the machine block, in case of serious problems. In this case the operator can continue driving using the manual mode.


  • DP700
  • DM430
  • CYPR