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M46-20393 - Piston Pump - MPV046C-BBH-SBB-AAGA-BFF-CDAZGA-NNN

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These pumps can be combined with other products in a system to transfer and control hydraulic power. All models use the parallel axial piston / slipper concept in conjunction with a tiltable swashplate to vary the pump’s displacement. M46 pumps offer proportional controls with either manual, hydraulic, or electronic actuation.

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Frame Size 046 46CC(2.80 CI)
Input Shaft / Aux H SFT-PV, 15T/9T FOR A FLG
Rotation (& Valveplate) S Rotation CW, CP15 13 QT
Charge Pump B 13.99cc/REV (0.85CIR) CHG Pump
Charge Pressure B 19.5 BAR CPRV Setting (280 PSI)
Filtration AA FLTR Suction
Bypass Valve A Bypass Valve (NO ORF)
System Pressure Protection BFF SYS Press Protect 250 BAR (3625 PSI)
Control CD Cont-EDC, 1 COIL, OIL FLD, MS
Auxiliary Mounting A AUX Flange SAE A
Special Hardware NNN SHF-M46PV, NONE

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